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After Show: Wedding Ring!

Wendy forgot her wedding ring at home this morning and was running too late to go back and get it. Find out what she wore instead! Then, Wendy shows us the ...

2013-12-09 10:13 103,980 YouTube

Wendy Williams, 53, flashes her wedding ring

Wendy Williams is standing by her husband Kevin Hunter, after DailyMailTV's bombshell report that questioned if her spouse has another woman in his life.

2017-09-27 03:34 3,944 YouTube

Wendy Williams' Bling Sets Off TSA Alarm And She Gets The Pat Down!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 - Wendy Williams wears a bold yellow Versace robe and lots of bling, including her wedding ring, as she arrives in L.A. with ...

2016-09-07 06:01 134,495 YouTube

Does Ring Size Matter?

Should you contribute to your daughter's engagement ring if you think her boyfriend is too frugal? Find out Wendy's advice in Ask Wendy!

2014-11-14 02:37 81,954 YouTube

Mariah Gets 35-Carat Engagement Ring

Wendy dishes about Mariah Carey's engagement and Macklemore calling Iggy Azalea out in his new song, "White Privilege."

2016-01-26 24:19 415,530 YouTube

Erika Ringor * Queen of Media * Wendy Williams

Erika Ringor * Queen of Media -Based on the New York Times bestseller "Wendy's Got the Heat", Queen of Media tells the controversial story of the life and times...

2009-08-31 01:06 134 Dailymotion

L'animatrice Wendy Williams a fait un malaise ce midi en plein direct à la télévision américaine... et c'est spectaculai

L'animatrice Wendy Williams a faitun malaise en direct ce midi à la télé américaine, alors qu'elle présentait un concours de costume à l'occasion d'Hallow...

2017-10-31 00:33 34,801 Dailymotion

L'animatrice Wendy Williams fait un impressionnant malaise en direct à la télévison (États-Unis)

Déguisée en Statue de la Liberté à l'occasion de la fête d'Halloween, l'animatrice et humoriste américaine Wendy Williams a fait un impressionnant malaise...

2017-11-02 00:33 73,184 Dailymotion

Presentadora Wendy Williams se desmaya en vivo


2017-11-03 01:22 4 Dailymotion

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