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Curt Schilling Wrecks CNN Anchor LIVE on CNN Over ESPN Jemele Hill Kerfuffle (REACTION)

Former Major League Baseball player best known for his time on the Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling, delivered an epic takedown of CNN while live on CNN.

2017-09-18 16:54 19,163 YouTube

ESPN's Jemele Hill Sparks Outrage, Calls Trump A White Supremacist

ESPN's Jemele Hill sparked controversy after calling Trump a white supremacist in a tweet saying: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely ...

2017-09-13 07:57 225,239 YouTube

ESPN President: 'Jemele Hill's Trump Tweets Violated Social Media Policy'

John Skipper claims ESPN is not a political organization. Subscribe to Complex News for More: Watch 'Complex Live' on Go90 here: ...

2017-09-17 02:38 27,703 YouTube

Joe Rogan on the Jemele Hill Controversy

Joe Rogan talks about the ESPN Jemele Hill controversy. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1012.

2017-09-15 04:40 58,337 YouTube

ESPN's Jemele Hill OWNS Trump, "He's a White Supremacist Who Surrounds Himself with The Same"

Sarah Huckabee Sanders called for Hill's firing over the statement. CNN Panel with Ben Ferguson, Brian Stelter debates.

2017-09-15 12:13 84,797 YouTube

Ask Jemele Hill!

Ask Jemele Hill!...

2015-08-06 09:16 7 Dailymotion Jemele Hill Incites Battery Violence on Favre

Always classy, ESPNs Jemele Hill incites Packers fans to toss batteries at Brett Favre. Visit and

2009-08-19 00:16 13,014 Dailymotion

Jemele Hill Fields Punts From Raiders Punter Marquette King _ SC6-YqZ5jYirp2Y

Jemele Hill Fields Punts From Raiders Punter Marquette King _ SC6-YqZ5jYirp2Y...

2017-02-13 01:20 748 Dailymotion

Jemele Hill Regrets Twitter Comments

“SportsCenter” anchor Jemele Hill took to Twitter again on Wednesday night to “address the elephant in the room” regarding a recent tweet calling Presid...

2017-09-14 00:43 40 Dailymotion

Sarah Sanders: ESPN's Jemele Hill Committed 'Fireable Offense'

Read more:...

2017-09-14 00:54 0 Dailymotion

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It’s been a little over two years since ESPN chose to part with Bill Simmons and although the popular personality who loved to test the network’s boundaries and push his bosses’ buttons has moved on to other things, he couldn’t help but notice the ...

Bill Simmons knows all about crossing the bosses at ESPN. While one could argue his insubordination cost him his career in Bristol, Simmons thinks Jemele Hill will only emerge bigger and better amid the fallout after she called President Donald Trump a ...

Curt Schilling continues to sound off on politics, and now he’s jumped in on the Jemele Hill conversation. In a CNN interview on Saturday, Schilling was asked directly about his take on Jemele Hill’s recent tweets calling Donald Trump a white supremacist.

Years ago, it seemed standards were pretty clear for most journalists: Keep your opinions to yourself. This is still the ethos many of us try to live by as an understanding that our professional life and our personal lives overlap as journalists.

Did Jemele Hill deserve to get punished further by ESPN? It was a straightforward question posed by CNN’s Michael Smerconish to Curt Schilling on Saturday, but it turned into Schilling attacking CNN and defending himself for the anti-transgender post ...

Can ESPN discipline Jemele Hill for her tweets calling the President a "white supremacist"? SI's legal expert Michael McCann weighed in for this Q&A. Last Thursday morning James Bhandary-Alexander, the staff attorney for New Haven Legal Assistance, sent an ...

Last week, ESPN's Jemele Hill faced controversy after her tweets about Donald Trump. Despite that, she still has a sense of humor on Twitter. Sunday night, Kevin Durant sent out some weird third person tweets replying to fans. Fans are speculating that ...

Let’s consider the evidence. He was sued for systematically refusing to rent to African-Americans and settled out of court. He demanded the death penalty for five black and Hispanic kids charged in the notorious Central Park jogger rape case — and ...