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Hurricane MARIA Devastates Humacao, Puerto Rico (2017)

iCyclone's Hurricane Maria Chase: Intense footage from the violent inner core of Category-4 Maria at ground zero: near its landfall point in SE Puerto Rico.

2017-09-29 21:26 177,322 YouTube

Puerto Rico on path to recovery after Hurricane Maria

FEMA deputy federal coordinating officer Justo Hernandez discusses the work that FEMA is doing in Puerto Rico, and what remains to be done after the ...

2017-10-19 05:33 1,565 YouTube


DONATE HERE - Mystelics Vlogs on just a month after Hurricane Maria, there is this strange fog like dust ...

2017-10-20 12:36 2,058 YouTube

Puerto Rico continues to struggle a month after Hurricane Maria

A month after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, many residents remain without basic essentials like electricity and running water. People are digging through ...

2017-10-20 02:26 107 YouTube

Hurricane Maria 😱 Hurricane in Puerto Rico 2017 (Full) [TNT Channel]

This hurricane did't spare anyone :( Subscribe for weekly videos! You probably heard it in the news or have someone live near the ...

2017-09-30 12:04 47,997 YouTube

'Hurricane Maria destroyed everything'

The Quinones family show Aleem Maqbool what's left of their home while they wait for help....

2017-10-01 01:54 49,724 Dailymotion

Hurricane Maria rips through Dominican Republic

This footage shows severe flooding caused by Hurricane Maria's heavy rains. The pounding rain caused many of the Caribbean island';s rivers to overflow, damagin...

2017-09-22 01:12 21,941 Dailymotion

Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico struggle for basic needs

Officials are calling the devastation in Puerto Rico a humanitarian disaster. Six days after Hurricane Maria hit, millions are struggling for basic necessities ...

2017-09-26 03:14 11,055 Dailymotion

Caribbean islands brace for Hurricane Maria

After being hit by Irma, some Caribbean islands are bracing for another hurricane. Hurricane Maria is expected to strengthen and could pose a major threat. CBS ...

2017-09-18 02:57 6,867 Dailymotion

Hurricane Maria 'devastates' Dominica island

The Caribbean island of Dominica has been "devastated" by Hurricane Maria Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says. Forecasters warned that its catastrophic winds ...

2017-09-19 00:34 533 Dailymotion

Hurricane Maria News

“I realized how bad things still were when I came across an old man by the side of the road who was surviving on rain water.” Reinier Beauchamp encountered that man 24 days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and of course he helped him.

WASHINGTON — Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico about one month ago, a team of scientists has trekked daily into El Yunque National Forest hoping to pick up signs or sounds of endangered Puerto Rican Parrots. Their habitat stripped of foIiage by ...

On Sept. 20 Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico, leaving at least 48 people dead and decimating the island's already crumbling power grid.

La Perla, the seaside neighborhood in Puerto Rico made famous by the music video for the hit song “Despacito,” is struggling to provide aid and fresh water to its residents a month after Hurricane Maria. More than 78 percent of Puerto Rico—including ...

Puerto Rico (CNN)After Hurricane Maria toppled the bridge that connects him to the rest of civilization and ripped the roof and walls off his house here in the central mountains of Puerto Rico, Ramón Sostre raised a weathered American flag above the wreckage.

FEMA deputy federal coordinating officer Justo Hernandez discusses the work that FEMA is doing in Puerto Rico, and what remains to be done after the devastating category 4 Hurricane Maria hit the island.

One man climbs 24 flights of stairs several times a day alongside dormant elevators. Street vendors hawk plastic washboards for $20. And families outstretch their hands as crews in helicopters drop supplies in communities that remain isolated. This is life ...

Four weeks after Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico, the island is still reeling from its effects. Gov. Ricardo Rossello was set to meet with President Donald Trump Thursday in an effort to secure up billions of dollars in relief for the island.