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In-Hand Manipulation Skills

In-Hand Manipulation Skills. My demonstration of finger-to-palm translation, palm-to-finger translation, shift, simple rotation, and complex rotation.

2011-04-07 03:21 26,539 YouTube

First Bilateral Hand Transplant in a Child: Zion's Story

The world's first bilateral hand transplant in a child has taken place at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. For more: The ...

2015-07-28 13:12 1,460,675 YouTube

Ouchless IV Starts at St. Louis Children's Hospital

At St. Louis Children's Hospital, clinicians are specially trained to make a child's experience as comfortable as possible. In many cases, we apply "ouchless" ...

2013-02-26 03:34 468,974 YouTube

Card holder for pediatrics with hypotonicity in their hand(s)

Easy directions for making a card holder from inexpensive materials.

2017-06-06 04:18 22 YouTube

IV for Liam

Liam getting his IV on Jan 18,2013 before brain scan.

2013-01-19 03:27 189,114 YouTube

Firefighters free boy with hand stuck in lottery machine

CCTV footage has emerged from China of firefighters rescuing a boy getting his hand stuck in a lottery machine.In the video, shot in Meizhou City in southeast G...

2017-11-22 01:02 0 Dailymotion

Nathan Peterman? Tom Savage? Who Are All These Starting N.F.L. Quarterbacks?

Nathan Peterman? Tom Savage? Who Are All These Starting N.F.L. Quarterbacks?“Every position is evaluated,” he said in making the change, “and that’s the...

2017-11-21 01:45 0 Dailymotion

read only Hand-in-Hand: Ceramics, Mosaics, Tapestries, Woodcarvings, and Other Happy Things by the

Get Ebook FUll : : Dan ChavkinGet Trial Hand-in-Hand: Ceramics, Mosaics, Tapestries, Woodcarvings, and Other Hap...

2017-11-11 00:37 0 Dailymotion

Frock Cutting & Stitching | Day 6 Class | How To Cut & Stitch Buff Hand Frock | Kids Frock

Hi Friends ,This video will Help you to learn tailoring In 30 days.each Day ...We will teach step by step Procedure of Tailoring Class..If You learn to Sew Your...

2017-11-21 22:59 0 Dailymotion

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