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CC Sabathia on his bizarre line vs. Toronto

CC Sabathia discusses his 12-strikeout, seven-run outing against the Blue Jays and the necessity of cutting down on the number of home runs he allows.

2016-08-18 01:15 193 YouTube

Fantasy Baseball Talk - Week 3: Evaluating Pitchers in the Early Going

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson talk about Matt Cain, Stephen Strasburg and C.C. Sabathia among others.

2013-04-19 08:24 308 YouTube

Is the yankees’ fastball approach working for everyone? | fangraphs baseball

Is the yankees' fastball approach working for everyone? | fangraphs baseball. Maybe you've noticed that Masahiro Tanaka is a little different these days.

2017-09-02 03:11 1 YouTube

Chance Adams, RHP, New York Yankees

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

2017-06-01 09:16 2,746 YouTube

Masahiro Tanaka on the Yankees' loss in Houston

Masahiro Tanaka discusses the struggles he ran into in the third inning and what led to the 4-1 loss to the Astros. Subscribe for daily sports videos! Subscribe ...

2016-07-29 02:13 206 YouTube

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Judge

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Jud...

2017-10-17 12:57 3 Dailymotion

Time to Schein: CC Sabathia leads the Yankees to a 8-1 victory in Game 3

Adam Schein discusses the performance of New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia in the Yankees 8-1 Game 3 victory over the Houston Astros in the ALCS....

2017-10-18 02:10 2 Dailymotion

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Judge

アーロン・ジャッジ HR打席 7:06~ 2017.10.17(現地16日) MLBプレーオフ第3戦 ニューヨーク・ヤンキース vs ヒューストン...

2017-10-18 12:57 4 Dailymotion

Jim Rice Rips CC Sabathia For Bunt Comments

Jim Rice takes a bit out of CC Sabathia after the Yankees pitcher criticizes Red Sox for bunting....

2017-09-01 00:45 36 Dailymotion

Fantasy Baseball Player Update: CC Sabathia

Scott White and Hana Ostapchuk give the player update for CC Sabathia...

2017-06-14 00:44 0 Dailymotion

Cc Sabathia Fangraphs News

The last time I saw Dan Haren in the clubhouse, I wanted to hug him. He was a part of a young Cubs team that was about to enter the postseason ahead of schedule. He was also about to retire, though, and I didn’t peg him for one who’d work in the game ...