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Cc Sabathia Contract

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Sabathia, Yankees Agree on Contract

CC Sabathia and the Yankees agreed Wednesday on the framework for a 161-million dollar, seven-year contract. (Dec. 10)

2008-12-11 01:33 1,606 YouTube

CC Sabathia & A.J. Burnett Press Conference

The Yankees newest pitchers get introduced to New York.

2008-12-19 10:44 28,695 YouTube

Tiki and Tierney: CC Sabathia talks Yankees

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia joins Tiki and Tierney to discuss the Yankees season and wanting to play after his contract ends this year.

2017-05-31 04:30 47 YouTube

TOR@NYY: Kids sign one-day contracts during HOPE Week

6/18/14: Quinn Ostergren, Ryan Tucker and Sean Callahan, currently fighting cancer, sign one-day contracts with the Yankees during HOPE Week Check out ...

2014-06-19 02:15 233 YouTube

[1080p] Cano: Didnt Get Any Respect From Yankees

Cano: Didnt Get Any Respect From Yankees Cano: Didnt Get Any Respect From Yankees Cano: Didnt Get Any Respect From Yankees Cano: Didnt Get Any ...

2013-12-14 02:03 3,251 YouTube

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Judge

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Jud...

2017-10-17 12:57 3 Dailymotion

Time to Schein: CC Sabathia leads the Yankees to a 8-1 victory in Game 3

Adam Schein discusses the performance of New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia in the Yankees 8-1 Game 3 victory over the Houston Astros in the ALCS....

2017-10-18 02:10 2 Dailymotion

【MLBプレーオフ】2017.10.17 サバシア 先発!ジャッジ 一発!試合ハイライト ヤンキース vs アストロズ戦 CC Sabathia,Aaron Judge

アーロン・ジャッジ HR打席 7:06~ 2017.10.17(現地16日) MLBプレーオフ第3戦 ニューヨーク・ヤンキース vs ヒューストン...

2017-10-18 12:57 4 Dailymotion

Jim Rice Rips CC Sabathia For Bunt Comments

Jim Rice takes a bit out of CC Sabathia after the Yankees pitcher criticizes Red Sox for bunting....

2017-09-01 00:45 36 Dailymotion

Fantasy Baseball Player Update: CC Sabathia

Scott White and Hana Ostapchuk give the player update for CC Sabathia...

2017-06-14 00:44 0 Dailymotion

Cc Sabathia Contract News

The Yankees have placed star pitcher CC Sabathia on the disabled list with fluid build up in his knee and now he will visit famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion on the pain. This is just the latest bad news for the Yankees concerning ...

The New York Yankees have become well known for shelling out money like it's a game of Monopoly. The only problem is, if you keep buying Boardwalk, it makes it hard to field a complete baseball team. That's what the Yankees have essentially done by ...

CC Sabathia receive $9.5 million from the Yankees before he throws his first official pitch in pinstripes. His $161 million, seven-year contract includes a $9 million signing bonus, according to details obtained Friday by The Associated Press. By the time ...

What? Are the Giants serious? Better yet, is Lincecum delirious? If he blows out his arm, then game over. No CC Sabathia contract for him. By the way, the owners cannot go crying "bad economy" because baseball continues to make good with fan attendance ...

There have been no contract discussions between the two sides since this spring when wildly divergent numbers were exchanged — Lackey using last winter’s CC Sabathia contract as his benchmark, the Angels failing to see the correlation. Lackey has done ...

However, it’s very possible (even likely?) that the Yankees will view a Price contract as the second-coming of the CC Sabathia contract. Will they try for Jordan Zimmerman as a less flashy option? Will they try for Jeff Samardzija on a pillow contract?

He wisely waited to announce his own deal until after the CC Sabathia contract was dealt with before announcing his own return. That meant there wouldn't be a million unanswerable questions about that topic and it also meant that he was standing in front ...