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Equifax Credit Report Credit Bureau Repair Regina Credit Fix

2013-06-05 16 Dailymotion

Sheldon from Regina Credit Fix, Credit Report Repair, talks about the steps of credit repair and how it applies to restoring your Equifax and Transunion credit report.

There are always errors to fix in Canadian consumer’s credit bureaus. Reporting errors, mistaken identity, judgements, bankruptcy, collections... the list goes on! This can be the end result of consumer proposals, repossession, foreclosure, reporting errors from trustees, collectors or companies that sell you goods and services. Even lenders, mortgage brokers, realtors are human and can contribute to mistakes on your credit report, both on your Equifax and TransUnion credit bureaus.

Don’t let these factors ruin your credit rating! Sheldon explains Regina Credit Fix’s three step program to help get you back on track financially, by fixing mistakes on your credit report, then helping the consumer rebuild their credit, and finally protecting their credit from further harm with identity theft protection.

He also explains how his experienced staff of former collections agents, debt settlers and arbitrators, past Equifax and TransUnion representatives and financial industry veterans works diligently on restoring bad credit for their clients. They can even help people whom file bankruptcy or want to avoid bankruptcy or consumer proposal!

Watch further and see how anyone who has bad credit can make a new start.