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I GOT FIVE ON IT 1 Full Movie The Original Comedy

2015-05-18 0 0 1,419,679 YouTube

I GOT FIVE ON IT: Jimmy (Todd Bridges) and his pals Oscar, Arnie, Rob and Barney Bumble, are on a mission to get high. All they want to do is party, but in their desperate pursuit of a good time, they are led on a wild cross-town series of hilarious misadventures. You won't stop laughing as these guys go on the most hilarious road trip ever through the blunted streets of Oakland. Please show support by ONLY downloading LEGAL MP3s from: AND THANKS! Here's another hot track free for you to preview & enjoy! If you want your favorite groups and labels to keep making music, show your support by buying and downloading LEGALLY, please. Piracy is killing independent music. Support the homeboys. Thanks for being fans of Darkroom Familia. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: and FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @darkroomfamilia (