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Chillhop Cafe 24/7 🎧 Jazzy & Instrumental Hip Hop for Work / Relaxing

2017-08-13 3,275 66 170,787 YouTube

🎧 Enjoy our 24/7 Stream of the best Jazzy hip hop, Instrumental Hip hop and lofi hiphop. :) 🎧 Check our other livestream with more calming music here » 🔈 Find more jazzy / lofi hiphop on Spotify » 👤 We have a bot in the chat to answer all questions, check the list below for all commands! 💭 Let us know how you like the stream by filling in this short survey: ▬ Bot Commands ▬ !whatisthis » Tells you what this is !latestvideo » Gives info about our latest video !track » Shows info about the current track from !social » Shows Chillhop Social Links !playlists » Shows all playlists. !spotify » Shows all Spotify info !share » A twitter link to share the stream !survey » Survey link !history » A link to all previously played tracks !suggestions » Suggest albums to include in the playlist !report » Report a track !rules » Show rules !update » Shows the latest update to the playlist !copyright » Info on using our music !love » Show some love for the current track !nightbotthoughts » Nightbot shares a random thought !gift user » give someone a random gift + Complete overview: