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Cadance and Adam - she is dancing to frog music at Shriner's Hospital in SLC

2013-03-07 0 0 20 YouTube

Video of post-surgical visit with Shriner's. Cadance with her dad Adam Mackley. Cadance was taken illegally by her mother Adrienne Openshaw. Her family is related to the Romney's, who are deeply embedded in Utah County District Court and BYU. They've paid former State Rep. Lorie Fowlke over $200,000 to present a fake decision for judges to sign to bury Adam in the legal maneuvers and enforce the distance of time from his daughter. Lorie Fowlke has committed fraud, docket tampering, vexatious litigation, harassment and repetitive deceit to bolster her phone case. If you care look it up. Mitt Romney's relatives bought a baby. My granddaughter Cadance and Lorie Fowlke is their paid legal prostitute. SIX judges have now signed off on the fraud at both the District and Appellate Court levels. Governor Herbert KNOWS about this and has chosen to ignore it.