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Roger Stone Discusses Trump, DHS Kirstjen Nielsen Joined by investigative Journalist Andrew Kerr

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Roger Stone October 12th 2017 Mr. Stone Covers the latest news and current events including dispelling the idea being reported by news organizations that the “Trump Administration is Unraveling”. Also discussed is President Trumps administration including issues of disservice with some of those he has appointed. Mr. Stone Questions Trumps decision to appoint Kirstjen Nielsen as the new Department of Homeland Security secretary. Secretary Nielson was a virulent anti-Trumper a major Jeb Bush donor and long time neo-con, who comes off the staff of Congressman Connie Mack. In Addition Roger Stone is joined by investigative journalist Andrew Kerr who has filed a federal actions complaint against three of David Brocks organizations for a complex fraud involving superpac and foundation funding scam. #RogerStone #News #CurrentEvents #Trump #TrumpAdministration #KirstjenNielsen #MediaMatters