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PRUSA i3 Multi Extruder! Josef shows us the Quad Extruder PRUSA at New York Maker Faire 2016! WMF16

2016-10-05 329 51 69,679 YouTube

Wow! PRUSA pushing the envelope again as always! PRUSA RESEARCH has developed a multi color AND multi material extruder system for the Original i3 MK2! ---------------- CONTEST ---------------- Click here for the contest! Not sure what #SATPF is? THANKS EVERYONE YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Tweetbook it! Facespace it! #fantastic, #duckies #satpf FREE Stickers! ---------------- LINKS: ---------------- LulzBot Taz-6: or LulzBot Mini: or ---------------- COUPONS: ---------------- Fleks3d: DAPPER when ordering for a 10% discount! PrintedSolid: ONEDOLLARPRESSRESET - $1 off ----------------- Social media ----------------- Web: Email: Thingiverse: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: @pressreset